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Cd 9 Is the following up on cd no6 is and is also for the children's dance class (4 up to 8 years).

There is a general part which can be use for everything, 3 topics like Spring, on the Farm and Beach. There is a part Contrasts as well.

Annemieke Wijers gave the ideas for this cd. She gave also valuable recommendations for tempi, instrumentation and advancement for music for practicing.

This cd has been also particularly arranged at projects, lessons musical shaping, movement, gymnastics, drama, etc. on the primary school! In short: a welcome extension on your music for the primary school.


1. Funny dance
2. To learn pas de vals
3. Tp learn pas de vals 2
4. (Flower)walzer
5. Swing
6. Immitate
7. Polka
8. First sunbeams
9. Bird are going to whistle
10. Growing flowers
On the Farm
11. Rabbits
12. Pigs in the slush
13. Shake and wash
14. Lambs in the meadow
15. Capers


On the beach
16. Going to the beach
17. Jellyfishes
18. Scratch
19. Shark
20. Shells
21. Playing in the waves
22. Dance of the sea devil
23. Rolling in the sand
24. Seaweed
25. Fly kites
26. Fishes

27. Legato - staccato
28. Soft - hard
29. Happy - sad
30. High - low
31. Easy - heavy

It can take some time before the fragment starts!