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CD 1 is our introduction with music which can be used especially for the traditional ballet class.
On the inlay stands which tracks are arranged for which exercise, so that you can compose simply the lesson by means of one CD.
The jumps stands 3 times on the CD in a different tempo. For exceptional cases there stands pieces on in 5/4, 9/4 and 11/4 measures.
The music is played "a l'improviste" (like in the class), and is simple as a composition so that the CDs are a real support for your class. Often you shall recognize the music but nevertheless the music is unique!
The accompaniments are clearly and regularly phrased but for certainty the phrase stands once more indicated on the inlay of the CD.

1. Adagio.
2. Czardas
3. Step
4. Adagio
5. Siciliano
6. Wals
7. Tarantella
8. Habanera
9. Mars
10. Grand Valse
11. Ragtime
14. Polka
17. Eng. Wals
18. Polonaise

20. Negenkwart
21. Antil. Wals
22. Polka
25. Spaanse Wals
26. Adagio
27. Tendu
28. Mars
29. Snelle Wals
30. Elf Kwarten
31. Mazurka
32. Snelle 2/4
33. a la Polonaise (5/4)
34. Sprongetjes (5/4)
37. Menuet

It can take some time before the fragment starts!