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Cd no 14 This CD is for the modern dance class. The pieces are regularly punctuated so the cd is applicable for the European class but also for e.g. Limón, Graham and Cunnigham classes are excellent on this CD to make. Most pieces are (on request) a bit longer. There are many different rhythms, as well as dynamic as with breath. The titles on this album tell more about music than about the etudes. You should them not always be taken literally. Hopefully, this cd is a valuable addition to your collection.


1. It's so simpel, possibly too
2. It's a brilliant five
3. On a theme of Cimarosa
4. English melody
5. Seven (2+2+3)
6. Habenera
7. On a theme of Beethoven
8. Without title
9. Prelude
10. Passacaglia
11. Song
12. Oh, again a five
13. Ten
14. Adagio
15. Farewell

It can take some time before the fragment starts!