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Cd no 16
Just a fine CD for the classical lesson. The tracks are played without a metronome. This gives the impression that the pianist is present in class and simulate the interaction between teacher and pianist.
The tracks are, upon request, a little longer. If you want, the etudes can be made a little longer for more advanced, or you can do both sides at one time.
It's a CD to have with the others, so that you can alternate.


1. stretch
2. stretch 4/4
3. plié
4. plié 4/4
5. tendu lent
6. tendu
7. jeté
8. pas de cheval
9. ronds de jambe
10. frappé
11. fondu
12. petit battement
13. adagio
14. grands battements

au milieu:
15. temps lié
16. ports de bras
17. fondu
18. pas de valse
19. les sauts #1
20. les sauts #2
en diagonale:
21. piqué
22. polka
23. grand pas
24. révérence
25. pas de basque
26. pirouettes (ant. wals)

It can take some time before the fragment starts!