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about Muziekservice


Who and what is Muziekservice?

Muziekservice is an one-man company set up by Arjo de Koning. The principal activity is producing CDs with accompaniments and music for ballet and dance class. Principally operate Muziekservice on the internet. We give all business dates ( look at contact) so Arjo hopes on that way to get the confidence from you as an internet business. Despite low prices we deliver high services

Arjo was more then 20 years pianist at the Rotterdam Dans Academy and Stichting Kunstzinnige Vorming Rotterdam as well. Consequently he has much experience in accompanying from ballet classes. He still consults often colleagues and teachers about development from the CDs.
We keep the prices low because our CDs are recorded and distributed by our selfs ! Of course we give absolute guarantee for a technical good cd (also after considerable time).
We do also the things below:

Music for television commercials:

Our CDs are used meanwhile for television commercials. For that use use we can special compose for you and produce.


Orchestrate and arrangement:

We can make an arrangement from you music for every occupation. For exemple: brass players and brass band, big band, choir and piano/organ.

Print and duplicate CDs:

We can print and duplicate your CDs with the same professional look from our CDs.

How did we get the idee?

Teachers and students told me often that they are in search for CDs who can be used in their classes. The choice is not very large and the existing CDs are not always suitable. The price is also often too high for students. I have picked up this signal and I have gone out on research. It is indeed an expensive matter to record CDs, to let copy them and to bring out them. Few numbers mean a high producer price each piece and for much numbers there is no market for. Fore this reason I made the plan to manufacture self CDs and I keep everything in own hand, this means: I make the prerecordings, mix the prerecordings finished, put it on a cd and copy them. Because I invent the music by myself (compose) or use, so-called, free music, there are no royalties. Because I do everything by myself it is not necessary to have a large stock of CDs and I can exactly manifacture for the need. On this way we can also easily anticipate on your wishes.