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Cd no 8 is played by Catelijne Smit. Catelijne plays for a longer period of time at the Rotterdam Dans Academy. In the class she plays all kinds of music (for example: Elton John, Lionel Richie, as well). On request of Muziekservice she plays now classic.


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Catelijne Smit is born in 1977. She received here first lessons on four-year age. In 1989, she was allowed to the preparatory training of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, there she was studying in the young class for talent at Marcel Baudet. After her final exam she carried on her study at Naum Grubert at the Conservatory from Amsterdam. She scored her 2e phases diploma in May 2002.
She won several prices, including first prices on the Princess Christina Contest (1995) and the contest from the Foundation "Jong Muziektalent Nederland" (1995).
She gained a honourable indication during the Young Pianist All Open Contest in Togliatti, Rusland. In 1996 she made her first appearance in a piano concert of Mozart with the Residentie Orkest conducting by Jean-Bernard Pommier.

In March 2001 Catelijne was finalist from the "Vriendenkrans Concours" from the concert building at Amsterdam.
Catelijne gives regularly concerts in inland and abroad, as well as a soloist as in chamber music. She followed master classes by. Eugen Indjic, Anatol Ugorski and Gyorgy Sebök.
In the meantime Catelijne has herself specialized in accompanying dancers and she works at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and the VAK at Delft. She plays also in Trio étoile and Ensemble Bande du Sang.